Late Sri Somepalli Somaiah (1927 – 1995)

Somepalli somaiah was born in the year of 1927 in “Parlamili” village of Prakasham district.

A Veteran social worker dedicated to reform and betterment of the society for 50 long years, was born in 1927 to a poor mother who sold firewood for a living and father expired when Sri Somayyaji was a young boy. He had 9 sisters. 

Sri Somayya was the top ranking student right from school days to his 10+2 after which he discontinued his studies.

In the year 1942 at the age of 15, he was introduced to RSS while he doing his schooling at Tenali High School. After completion of his Intermediate in 1994 he went through Prathama varsha training which was conducted at Belgaon soon after he became pracharak for Guntur district that he was seriously into the Social work. 

He participated in the Satyagraha of 1948 and against the ban on RSS and was jailed for the same.

After he became Guntur Vibhag pracharak he was instrumental in motivating a lot of people in to social activists. He was prantha pracharak of combined AP from 1959 to 1989. He was instrumental in spreading in social activities wide and broad. The vividha kshetra activities were spread in full spring during this period in combined AP.

From 1989 he was the Seva Pramukh of Southern states including Odisha. Despite his failing health he travelled extensively for the spread of social service activities with a strong focus in service the last man in the last row of the society.

He was instrumental in visualizing a center for research and excellence at Srisailam. “The Shivaji spoorthi kendram” is the place where the visionary king Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is said to have derived an inspiration and vision of goddess Bhavani. Today the center caters to 35,000 primitive tribal Chenchus a tribe that is on the verge of extinction.

He inspired many mammoth educational institutes like Sri Saraswathi Vidyapeetham and Vignana Vihara Schools in combined AP which lead to reaching education to underdogs of the society. 

He was a genius in mathematics right from his childhood and used to be very strict and disciplined about accounting.

Mother Tongue
Though he was very fluent in English no one ever heard a single english word from his conversations in 50 years. 

His death was an accident while boarding a train at Alwai railway station in kerala in June 1995.

In the combined state of Andhra Pradesh right from the inception of the RSS and the spread of it he was there a part of it for more than four decades.