Monday, January 16, 2012

YFS Volunteer Experience at Bhakta Kannappa Gurukulam

Amarnath, YFS Volunteer from Wells Fargo spent 15 days interacting with the students from Chenchu tribe in Gokavaram, Dist. Kurnool.
He shares his experiences:
While going for Seva vacation I did not had anything in mind that I will do this particular thing. Spending 16 days with Chenchu kids & visiting the Chenchu Gudams has been a wonderful experience. Chenchus are freedom lovers, we can notice this even in a nursery kid. Some of them still depend on forest for their livelihood. Few Chenchus came out of forest and are cultivating, and going for other daily work while some are still in forest not willing to come out. They treat forest as their mother. I was staying in Bhaktha Kannappa Gurukulam (BKG) which is exclusively for Chenchu kids. Here they provide education, Vocational Training for the kids & then Awareness Camps, Mobile Dispensary for Chenchu villagers.
They don’t getting much support once they come out of forest. They don’t have proper daily work so they depend on forest for livelihood. This people have identity cards given by government to enter into forest to get Honey, Gum and sell it in nearby stores. They go to forest and stay there for 15 days to 1 month & take their kids with them. This is one reason why kids don’t go to schools continuously. Most of this gudams have government schools but very few kids. They also do fishing and sell it to third parties there. We have to travel inside the forest to visit some of the gudams who cultivate in forest. They have Rice along with mirchi curry as their food. It’s very very spicy & as they don’t take good food they get TB etc… Most of them pray to Lord Shiva.
Overall, I had a very wonderful experience.
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