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IDRF Project visit Sept 22nd 23rd 2011 Velji Vishram Popat Sewa Van

IDRF Project visit Sept 22nd 23rd 2011
Velji Vishram Popat Sewa Van
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The visit was to coincide with the project visit of a representative from LaVya Foundation studying on maternal and child health as well as document the project in movie. In all four of us visited the project for visually documenting the Sewa van. Lorrie l king from lavya foundation, sashi, myself and Sarat a BFA student who came to help us.

To start with there was the Telangana regional movement so the total transportation was on standstill / strike, we had to take a private bus from Hyderabad to Kurnool and from there on to Atmakur and atlast to Gokavaram the headquarters of Velji Vishram Popat Sewa Van (VVPSV).
We reached kurnool by midnight 22nd sept and luckily immediately got a bus to Atmakoor waiting for us and we were by 5.00 am at gokavaram the Sewa van came to picks up as the first bus was after 6 am.

Before getting started into the actual report I would like to mention that there are 3 agencies that are working in the Health and education programme in the hamlets. Sewa Bharathi, Sanghamitra Sewa Samiti which runs the Velji Vishram Popat Sewa Van (VVPSV) and Somepally somaiah Vanavasi vikasa seva kendra which runs the health center, residential school and voccational training center for the chenchus apart from us the IDRF that funds the programme. Also IDRF has started funding the Mobile Dispensary from 2007, while earlier the programme was partially funded by the Ministry of Tribal welfare, Govt of India.

There are two doctors that currently are serving the Velji Vishram Popat Sewa Van (VVPSV) Dr Ramasarma an old hand and the longest serving working since 2003 the second one Dr B Muralidhar. Luckily we could get hold of Dr Sarma who has a vast experince working in the Chenchu hamlets. And now Dr sarma contributes for one day in a week while Dr Muralidhar goes with the mobile dispensary most of the time.

We started by 8.00 am to the hamlets, wanted to visit some of the interior hamlets and longest visited hamlets by the Sewa van. Pedda cheruvu a hamlet in the interiors of the nallamalla forest almost 16 km took us an hour and half to reach as the road was almost non motorable. We reached the hamlet by 10.00 am and interacted with the tribal chenchus. Lorrie and Dr rama Sarma talked to the tribals while myself and couple of volunteers Vasudeva reddy, suresh and Chinna Vasu tried to organise the events. Sashidhar and Sarat filmed the whole interactions and activities. Dr Sarma was in the meanwhile taking some time to treat a couple of ailments and check the health of pregnant chenchu women.

One good thing about the programme was we could interact with the arogya rakshaks, who are the first line of treatment for any ailments trained by Sewa Bharathi. There are about 15 Arogya Rakshaks in the Chenchu hamlets trained by the organisation. Sanghamitra Sewa Samiti which actually runs the Velji Vishram Popat Sewa Van (VVPSV) has been doing an impressive job as from the interactions. The Common compliment was that when everybody left us to die it was the Velji Vishram Popat Sewa Van (VVPSV) supported by IDRF that came to our rescue.

Period of time No of visits made Total cases treated
09-12-03 to 03-09-113,57438, 326

Cases treated and that made a difference
Anemia 1234
Other cases36,516

The programme goes like this and here are people we have talked to and interacted.

22 Sept 2011 Pedda cheruvu (41 km)
Dargamma Health worker, Dasari Guruvamma Health worker, Dasari Polamma a beneficiary who was cured of her TB courtesy IDRF and Velji Vishram Popat Sewa Van (VVPSV), Policherla Mooganna a local medicine man who claims he has got treatment to even AIDS, Chigurla Ankanna Tiger tracker,

Kottala Cheruvu (11 Kms),
Pulicherla Vijayalakshmi Health worker, Dasari Driver Nagaraju, Kudumula Adinarayana,

Lingamayya temple(13 kms)
It is the Main diety and temple of the Chenchus.

Palem Cheruvu(14 kms),
Uttaloori Eedamma her son shivaji studying Polytechnic (1st year) at Bhakta Kannappa Gurukulam,

Erra Kunta (15 kMs),
Gudem  VTDA (Village tribal development agency) President Raya Pachagaddi Linganna, Raaya Eedamma Her son studying at Bhakta kannappa Gurukulam Junior college 1st year, Uttaloori Nagamma Cured TB Patient courtesy Velji Vishram Popat Sewa Van (VVPSV) and IDRF,

23 rd Sept 2011 Interview with DM&HO Dr Narasimulu and DTCO Dr P Moksheswarudu who were all praise for the efforts of all agencies involved in bringing the TB cases to near normal by their own assessment.

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