Monday, November 1, 2010

A New Mobile dispensary for the Chenchu Tribal population

Seva Bharathi in association with IDRF has been running the Mobile dispensary in the Nallamalla forest supporting the Medical aid efforts of the GOI for the past 9 years. 

Basing on the observations and interaction with the chenchu participants in the "Awareness Camps" conducted by Sevabharathi in 2001, it was noted that the “Health” problems amongst chenchus need to be given second priority next to children’s education.
There are about (16) Primary Health Centres (PHC) in the mandals, where the chenchus are living with a population of abut (7915) in (13) mandals only (as per the government records) against (54) mandals in the district. PHC is not meant exclusively for chenchus, it serves in general all patients irrespective of caste in its jurisdiction; on the other hand, by nature theses chenchus do not volunteer by themselves to go to PHC for treatment unless circumstances compel them, till then they prefer to suffer silently and follow some native remedies or avoid totally leaving it to fate.
The proposal of “Mobile Dispensary Project” was initiated by Sevabharathi (WAP) in the year 2000-2001; it has passed through number of stages/hurdles for (3) years before it was sanctioned by Government of India, Tribal Affairs Ministry, New Delhi. Anyway, an amount of Rs. 11.31 lakhs was sanctioned and funds reached Sevabharathi on 18-08-2003. Mobile dispensary crew consisting of one doctor; one-nurse/compunder; one part time accountant-cum-office assistant, a driver and a helper were sanctioned, along with a “Van” to serve the purpose of “Mobile Dispensary”. Medical aid visits started to treat chenchu patients at their Goodas w.e.f. 09-12-2003, with Gokavaram village in Kurnool district as headquarters. As per the planned schedule, “Mobile Dispensary” served the patients at their door steps, at minimum (3) visits to each gudem in a month, covering in total (32) chenchu Goodas belonging to PTG-chenchus of Kurnool district in a month.

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