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MOBILE DISPENSARY for Chenchu Tribals Performance report 2009

Regd. No. 39-94, D.N.J. 25/415-2, R.S.Road, Nandyal - 518502 Ph.: 08514-247763 Kurnool Dt., A.P.
AFFILIATED To SEVA BHARATI (Western AP Reg. No.: 3136/90/AP)
(Administrative Office 3-2-106, Nimboli Adda, Kachiguda. Hyderabad-27. Ph. 040-24610056)
Project Head Quarters: GOKAVARAM (Village), Kothapalli Mandal, Kurnool Dt.518422
Project Convener: Mr.M.Sudhakar Reddy   Project In-charge: Mr.U.Mallikarjuna Sarma
Sanga Mitra Seva Samithi, Nandyal    Bhaktha Kannappa Gurukulam, Gokavaram.
Doctors : Dr. M.D.V.N. Rama Sarma, Kurnool  Dr.B.Murali Dhar, Kurnool
Dr. K.Parameswara Reddy, Atmakur  

Performance - Cum - Achievement Report for the Period: 18-7-2009 to 31-10-2009.

    1. For the year 2009-10, the mobile dispensary, service work in chenchu gudems, Kurnool district, is entrusted to 3 doctors only instead of 4, dividing the area in to 3 sectors.

    1. A grant of $12,000 (Rs.5,72,160), released by IDRF USA for the 3rd time, received on 1-7-2009 into SB a/c no10486273775 at SBI, Bazar Road, Nandyal kurnool dt. for the year 2009-10.

    1. As we contemplate to have an alternative strategy so as to sustain good results that we achieved in combat with TB, which was rampant in the chenchu tribal area of Kurnool dist., we started screening with the help of LCD projector, CDs of spiritual values, Mythological films, followed by counseling by the doctors present on health aspects, with reference to the ill effects of liquor, spurious drugs and other bad habits.

  1. The regular visits as per schedule, the mobile dispensary started with effect from 18-7-09, for the year 2009-10.
  1. Unfortunately during the period 2-10-09 to 5-10-09, unprecedented, unexpected flood slashed Kurnool district, particularly town and few parts of rural side and tribal area in the district. In 6 chenchu gudems where in our mobile medical service is catering the needs, the floods swept away all the belongings of chenchus i.e. fishing nets, the few numbers of goats and sheep they are nearing crop, cooking utensils and other daily items which is all the poor man's only wealth; while they themselves ran away for shelter to nearby hill rocks stranded there for about week days, till the waters receded, while some more gudems also had the impact of flood, but in a small way. Any way, in a big way many philanthropists and seva societies came to the rescue of all these flood victims in the area (chenchus and non-chenchu victims). They are slowly stabilizing. Though it is already past about 60 days, most of the victims who lost their houses are still taking shelter in tents in open areas.
  2. In these floods at Kurnool, residents of two of our doctors are badly damaged and are to be equipped from the scrap.
  3. Actually mobile dispensary resumed its schedule with effect from 6-10-2009.

V) Month wise no. of patients Treated during Jul. 09 to Oct 09.
Month OP New OP Old (Repeaters) Total OP
  M F C Total M F C Total  
Jul-09 112 224 89 425 2 4 0 6 431
Aug-09 154 269 164 587 78 195 48 321 908
Sep-09 101 152 118 371 79 138 43 260 631
Oct-09 63 133 53 249 81 109 76 266 515
  430 778 424 1632 240 446 167 853 2485

    1. ABSTRACT EXPENDITURE (18-7-2009 to 31-10-2009  4 months)

1)  Staff Salary       Rs.  65,800-00
2)  Daily Allowance for sub-staff    Rs.    3,850-00
3)  P.O.L  Petrol       Rs.  27,790-00
4)  Drugs       Rs.  52,624-00
5)  Vehicle Repair      Rs.    8,155-00
6)  Miscellaneous (Xerox, C. Printing)    Rs.    1,017-00
                                              Total           Rs. 1,59,236-00

    Total amount received for 2009-10    Rs. 5,72,160-00
    Less: Expenditure during 01-07-2009 to 31-10-2009  Rs. 1,59,236-00
    Balance at the end of 31-10-2008    Rs. 4,12,924-00

    V II No. of Kms traveled on road from 18/7/08 to 31/10/08    7,244-00 kms.

    VIII Fuel burnt (diesel) during the above period          781.02 lts.

    IX Drugs
                Balance CF from previous period last year    10,147-34
                Purchased during 18/07/09 to 31/10/09    52,624-00
                                  Total      62,771-34

                Cost of drugs issued during the above period   56,181-04
                        Balance           6,590-30

X  Gudem wise visits by Mobile Dispensary during 01-07-2009 to 31-10-2009

S.N Name of the Gudem Name of the Mandal
Jul 09

Aug 09

Sep 09
Oct 09 No. of Visits to Gudem.
1 Peddacheruvu C.G Atmakur 1 2 2 2 7
2 Nagaluti Atmakur 2 3 2 2 9
3 Bairluti Atmakur 1 2 2 2 7
4 Amalapuram Atmakur 1 2 2 2 7
5 Indireswaram Atmakur 1 2 2 2 7
6 V RC Colony Atmakur 1 2 2 2 7
7 Nallakaluva Atmakur 1 2 2 0 5
8 Vempanta pamula padu 1 2 1 1 5
9 Velugodu Velugodu 1 2 2 0 5
10 Narapareddy Kunta Bandi Atmakur 1 2 2 0 5
11 Nemallakunta Bandi Atmakur 1 1 2 0 4
12 Nayuni Cheruvu Bandi Atmakur 1 1 2 0 4
13 Kottala Cheruvu  C.G Atmakur 1 0 2 1 4
14 Palem cheruvu  C.G Kotha palli 2 4 2 2 10
15 Errakunta  C.G Kotha palli 2 4 2 2 10
16 Kotha palli Kotha palli 1 4 4 2 11
17 Edurupadu Kotha palli 1 2 1 2 6
18 Chadarampenta Kotha palli 1 3 2 2 8
19 Janala Kotha palli 0 0 1 1 2
20 Pata madugula Kotha palli 1 2 2 2 7
21 Erramatam Kotha palli 1 2 2 2 7
22 Musali madugu Kotha palli 1 1 2 2 6
23 Peddagummadapuram Kotha palli 1 3 1 3 7
24 Sivapuram Kotha palli 1 2 1 2 6
25 Mahanandi  C.G Mahanandi 1 3 2 1 7
26 Gajulapalli R.S Mahanandi 1 3 1 1 6
27 Gajulapalli Metta Mahanandi 1 3 2 1 7
28 Chinnaiah Swamy  C.G Rudravaram 1 3 1 1 6
29 Panyam panyam 1 3 2 1 7
30 Doralottala  C.G Ahobilam 1 2 1 1 5
31 Ahobilam  C.G Ahobilam 1 3 2 1 7
32 Hari Nagaram Rudravaram 1 3 2 1 7
33 D.Vanipenta Chagalamarri 1 3 1 1 6
34 Chagalamarri Chagalamarri 1 3 2 1 7
     * Oct 09 - flood affected
XI)  Ailment Particulars for Jul. 09 to Oct 09 (4 months)
Name of the Ailment No. of Suspected Patients   Name of the Ailment No. of Suspected Patients
Bronchitis 20   C.S.O.M 13
Allergic Bronchitis 14   A.S.O.M 12
Lower Respiratory tract Infection 31   Gilositis 3
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection 608      
Tropical Pulmonary Eosinophelia 2   GASTRO INTESTINAL DISPRDERS
COPD 61   Diarrhea 44
      Amoebic Dysentry 31
      Gastoitis 138
DERMATOLOGICAL DISEASES   Acid Peptioc Diseases 118
Pyoderma 42   Irritable Bowel Syndrome 3
Impetigo 3      
Urtocaria 2   DENTAL DISORDERS  
Furimciotos 2   Gingivitis 5
Fungal Infection 57   Dental Caries 7
Eczema 3   ORTHO PAEDIC  
Scabies 13   Septic Arthritis 1
Nappy Rash 3   Osteu Arthritis 102
Cracked Foot 1   Myalgia 64
Dermatitis 18   Rhumatoid Arthritis 2
Worm Infection 7   Spondilitis 4
URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS 14   Musculo Skelitac Pain 83
Breast Abscess 1   Epilepsy 6
Pelvic Inflamatory diseases 8   Parkinsonism 3
Menurrhegia 10   Hemiperisis 2
Abscess 5   Sciatica 2
Viral Fever 7   Conjuctivitis 7
Malaria 23   Cataract 24
Common Cold 36   Vertigo/giddiness 8
General Debility 272   Fracture 2
Anaemia 231   Wound/Injury 71
Antenatal 58   Anixity 6

(i)   Reports received from Doctors enclosed.
(ii)   Spiritual activities in chenchu gudems.

                                                        Sd/  U.Mallikarjuna Sarma
A Report by Dr. M.D.V.N Rama Sarma 

      During the regular visits of mobile dispensary ANTENATAL check up is kept as mandatory to all pregnant women in chenchu gudems. Pregnancy in early days is detected by preg-color test for chenchu women for missed periods. Basing on the Heamatics status, Iron capsules/syrup, calcium supplement were given.  In first trimester folic acid is provided. All pregnant women in respective chenchu gudems are immunized with TT serum trice in their gestational period.

      With the continuous efforts of Antenatal care since 7 years, the child mortality rate is decreasing. During this period, there were 30 pregnant women all have delivered normally in their respective chencu gudems. 2 of them had cesarean surgery at Kurnool and Nandyal. No foetal abnormalities were detected. Effective Antenatal care is prime cast for this achievement.  

                                                Sd/- Dr. M.D.V.N Rama Sarma

A Report by Dr. K.Parameswara Reddy 
      I have been working as the medical officer in this project since April 2007. Now I am looking after the chenchu gudems in the regions of kothapalli Mandalam. I am visiting chenchu gudems twice in a weak both on Monday and Wednesday. On Monday we are visiting places of Yedurepadu, Sivapuram, Musalla Madugu, Erramatam, Pedda gummadapuram and pata madugula. On Wednesday we are visiting places of Kothapalli C.G, Errakunta, Palemcheru, kothalacheru, chadarampenta and once in a month we are visiting Janala which is nearly 4km up near kapileswaram.

      This project for the period 2009 to 2010 has began on 18/07/2009. Most of the cases that we have come across are Anemia especially among women and we are providing long duration therapy for at least 2 to 3 months. Most of the patients are responding well to the treatment and there is significant improvement in the health condition. Next majority of cases are respiratory tract infections. Most of these cases are upper respiratory tract infection including common cold. Very few cases are LRTI and Bronchitis. These ailments were more severe during the flood period of October 2009. Very few cases of pulmonary tuberculosis were identified newly. Antenatal cases are also coming regularly for medical checkup. Most of them are following medical advices and are doing well. Most of them are getting delivery done under the supervision of medical persons.

      It is noted that at least 2 to 6 persons in each chenchu gudems are suffering with cataract problem of the eye. It will be benefit to these persons if we could conduct one medical camp especially to eye problems.  Now a days we have observed most of the chenchu community persons are showing intrest in spiritual matters especially Errakunta and Peddagumadapuram chenchu gudems.

      In Terracotta chenchu guide Idol of Lord Panchamuka Hanuman has been inaugurated under the guidance and help of sevabharathi unit. This gudem people are offering regular pooja by cleaning the premises, offering flowes to the lord and by lighting lamp at least once in a day.  In peddagumadapuram chenchu people has celebrated lord Ganesh chaturdi in this year 2009. They kept Idol of the Ganesh made out of plaster of paris and offered pooja according to their ability. This gudem people are interested to have one permanent Idol of the lord Hanuman and they are requesting for the guidance and other form of help. Because of the continuous effort of this unit of seva bharathi there is an immense change in the attitude regarding health and spiritual matters.

                                                Sd/- Dr. K.Parameswara Reddy
A Report by Dr. B.Murilidhar

          During visits of mobile dispensary we came across common skin disorders prevailing in chenchu gudems as follows:
    Scabies is one of the most predominant contagious skin disease mostly spread by drop out school children studying in govt. hostels, due to un-hygienic, un-cleanliness environment. Skin diseases like Derma totes, furnculitis and fungal infections are precipitated.

          C.O.P.D is commonly found in chenchu adults due to smoking etc. Asteo arthiritis is predominantly found in elderly women, they were given calcium supplement and some NSAIDS (Non steroid anti inflammatory drugs) uproot from medical care. We are also taking preventive measures so that the diseases don't relapse.

Sd/- Dr. B.Muralidhar

07-08-2009 : Chinnaiah Swamy chenchu gudem - women folk of chenchu gudem performed “Samoohika Vara lakshmi Vratam” in the month of “Kartheeka”.  About 40 chenchu women assembled with all Pooja material and performed Pooja with devotion in all sanctity. Dr. K.Udaya Shankar, Zilla sangha chalak, Nandyal, enlightened them on the significance of the vratam. Participant women expressed their happiness in taking part in the pooja, while expressing that it was the first time for them to take part in such occasion. Sri Sudhakar Reddy, Convenor, mobile dispensary project, sangha mitra seva samithi and mobile dispensary doctors, along with local women participated in the celebration.

22-08-09: Yerrakunta Chenchu gudem - The first anniversary of installation of Pancha Mukha Anjaneya Swami idol, in their gudem, was performed by chencus, under the guidance of Mobile dispensary project staff. Gudem chenchus participated in Bhajan Programme. In the morning vedic pandits performed Abhishekam, followed be chenchus collectively and also Dr.B.H Appu Rao (Atmakur) and RSS mandal Pramukh conducted dharmic lectures and also collective feeding took place in gudem. In all chenchu gudems, subsequently, National songs, and devotional songs were sung.

2-10-2009 : Bhaktakannappa Gurukulam - Gurukulam campus passed through a dreadful night on 2nd oct 2009  under the grip of fear, of anticipated flash floods due to heavy rains in the upper regions. About 300 gokavaram villagers, ran for shelter into the campus leaving all their belongings at their residences. Fortunately no untoward incident took place by the grace of god; flood with a small treat went off, damaging the village. All villagers stayed in the campus for 3 days upto 5th oct 09. Bhaktakanappa gurukulam and mobile dispensary project volunteers took care of the victims in providing shelter and food to them. From 4 oct to 3 nov, phylonthropists and seva societies connected with RSS and sevabharathi collected all flood relief materials i.e. food, biscuits, bread, chepathies, rice, grams, pulsus, oil packets, masala materials, tamarind, sarees etc. Varieties of clothings, mosquito curtains, bed sheets, mats, towels, steel plates, kitchen ware, kerosene stoves, tent material, misc eatables etc for the survival of the victims and distributed through sevabharathi and its mobile dispensary project in 10 villages around gokavaram. In this calamity 6 chenchu gudems badly affected with a big loss. M.D.P took special care in distributing these items in the chenchu hamlets, apart from medical service, soon after the waters started receeding.  About 600 students, in flood hit area were provided with school bags, note books, slates and slate pencils, pens and pencils and academic material. In all about Rs 10lakhs worth of material was distributed.
                                                            Sd/-  C. Vasudeva Reddy
                                                            Karya kartha

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seva Bharathi Chenchu Residential School Opens up for Flood Victims

The Bhakta Kannappa Gurukulam, Gokavaram has now become a relief camp for 320 Flood victims of the surrounding villages and the numbers are growing. THe Back waters of Krishna are inundating the surrounding villages. The Villagers are looking for any help and It is Seva Bharathi as usual that is catering to their Hunger and helplessness. Voluinteers of Seva bHarathi working for Chenchu Tribals have been serving the local villagers with food, blankets and medicines.

The School Bhakta Kannppa gurukulam has 62 children all Chenchu boys and has been working in the surrounding villages as well as Chenchu pentas (hamlets) in Medical aid through a Mobile dispensary ansd Hospital as well as the Residential school. For the past decade the school has been the focal point and nucleus for awareness in the chenchus as well as local villagers.

for latest updates on Sewa bharati Flood relief activities please visit