Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bhakta Kannnappa Gurukulam:-Gokavaram, Kurnool Dist,60 boys

Bhakta Kannnappa Gurukulam

The tribal hero who sacrificed his eyes for the lord, Bhakta kannappa and later went on to become the greatest devotee of the LORD SHIVA, It flashes in to our minds he is a Chenchu Now designated by the Govt as one of the most PRIMITIVE TRIBAL GROUPS IN INDIA.But why has such a tribe full of Hospitatlity & warmth reverted in to the PRIMITIVE AGES and PRACTICES. Thats what is the question ? And the story of this Tribal RESIDENTIAL AND VOCATIONAL HOME starts there that curiosity has lead us land here.

There are 1,000's more such heroes yet unrecognised and unappreciated. Going in to Figures there are 36,000 chenchus in the Nallamalai forest Adjoining the Kurnool, Mahaboobnagar and prakasam Districts.

The CHENCHUS the Primitive Tribal Group (NOTIFIED BY THE GOVT of INDIA) in Nallamalai forsets spreading across three districts of AP & are the most backward and unattended unreached citizens. They are still primitive depend on the hunting or procuring fruits from forrests / forest produces.... The total 37 gudems / pentas as they are called depend on this tribal aid & research center in Gokavaram run by Sevabharathi in the experienced guidance of a retired Regional Joint director (RJD) in technical education, Mr Sharma is interested in these people.

The Effort after the initial curiosity has lead to a survey which revealed facts of neglect and unattended, sick and illiterate innocent children as well as the Elders. With this it was decided to initially start a residential school for chenchu boys in a temporary structure in SRISAILAM. And the Boys (infact the tribe is so) are are shy to face the outside world. But as is known the tribe is very rich in cultural Arts, traditional medicine, and most importantly the hospitality. On the day of the inauguration Nov 18th 1999 the local ITDA PO was invited and I Quote "These are the most vagabond boys that you are dealing with i am afraid if they can stay here even for a couple of eeks and Best of Luck" that was his experience. Today we have 43 chenchu Boys not just staying behind with us but learning Carpentary, Masonry and for the last year Ganesh festival the boys made their own clay idol of Ganesha for ganesh chaturdi. They are good at hunting /Archery.

Now that we have our own tribal aid & research center for their welfare with special reference to the CHENCHUS at GOKAVARAM Atmakoor mandal the Home was shifted to the place. Also this place is most convinient and a center to all the Gudems of the Chenchus.The present strength off the home is 60 boys with a chenchu warden who is the only 10th class pass out when he came to us and he is now in his Graduation final year.

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